ezAR Startup Kit ver. 0.2.10 Available

ezAR Startup Kit ver. 0.2.10 is available for download. This release provides minor enhancements and bug fixes for the VideoOverlay, Snapshot and Flashlight plugins. For the best results please upgrade your projects to use the plugins of this latest release. If you experience and issue or have an enhancement request post a comment to the ezAR Forum.

An enhancement that may come in handy for some of you is a new option to control the size of the Cordova WebView in relationship to the ezAR VideoOverlay plugin's CameraView. The option is named fitWebViewToCameraView. Previously the WebView was resized to match that of the CameraView. This behavior can be noticeable on Android devices where the CameraView is automatically resized to maintain the aspect-ratio of the best fitting video size available on the device that is equal to or smaller than the display size less toolbars. The default behavior will continue to fit the WebView size to the CameraView. But you can override this as follows:

                      { fitWebViewToCameraView: false })

Best wishes with your development.