HTML5 AR City Location Demo

The new HTML5 Cordova ezar-cities demo project is a simple augmented reality app that presents info cards overlaying a camera view. The cards contain the distance to a major city and are displayed only when the mobile device is oriented in the direction of the city. As you spin 360 degrees, info cards slide in and out of the view when the device is pointing in the general direction of a city with a corresponding info card.

The project source code is available here.

The app uses the device's geolocation, compass and accelerometer sensors to determine your location and the direction you are facing. The camera view is provided by the ezAR VideoOverlay.

The ezar-cities project is an updated branch of an obsolete XDK mobile project by Rakshith Krisrak found here. I first learned of this project in an article Rakshith published about 3 years ago along with the project. Since that time, Intel removed the video overlay support from XDK making this project unrunnable in its current state. Now using the ezAR VideoOverlay plugin with a few small changes you can revive that project just as I have.