New ezAR Support for iOS WKWebView

Today we are releasing an ezAR update ver. 0.2.9 with support for the high performance iOS browser component known as WKWebView.

Download ezAR ver. 0.2.9

Starting in 2014 with the iOS 8 release, Apple began shipping two embeddable browser components known as webviews. Hybrid-mobile SDK's such as Cordova and Ionic use a webview for rendering the web UI content of a hybrid-mobile app. The standard component known as UIWebView is the default webview component used by Cordova and Ionic on the iOS platform. The alternative webview component known as WKWebView is much more performant that UIWebView. But it has not been well supported by the Cordova SDKs until recently. With the help of the Ionic team your iOS app can now take advantage of the WKWebView performance and reliability by simply adding a new plugin to it. 

The WKWebView plugin only supports iOS 9 and greater. Learn more about using Ionic's WKWebView plugin here.

Only the ezAR VideoOverlay plugin required updating to work with the WKWebView plugin. See the updated README file of example projects included in the ezAR Startup Kit v0.2.9 to learn about using alternative webview components such as the WKWebView for iOS and the Crosswalk WebView for Android.