Using ezAR Plugins with Intel XDK

EDIT:  On July 10, 2017  Intel retired its XDK cloud-based build services . The new build process involves exporting your project and then either building your app locally with the Cordova SDK or uploading the project to a cloud service such as PhoneGap Build services. Learn more...

Recently a developer pinged me requesting assistance in using ezAR plugins in the Intel XDK mobile designer. I knew that with the recent introduction of Crosswalk WebView support in the ezAR 0.2.7 VideoOverlay plugin it should be possible to use it in an XDK project to create an Android app. Having not used XDK in several years, I downloaded and installed the latest version. The process was straight forward and took me about 10 mins, including creating an XDK cloud account and keystore. I then imported the hello-ezar project included in the ezAR Startup Kit and added the VideoOverlay plugin to the project. I then fired off an Android build of the project. The build process took about 5 mins. The binaries (apk file) downloaded and installed with no issues. So far so good. When I launched the app, it started right up with the VideoOverlay camera view and WebView overlay's working perfectly.