Ready for Android Crosswalk WebView

The ezAR plugins for Cordova are now compatible with the Android Crosswalk WebView. Download the new ezAR Startup Kit (ver. 0.2.7) and check out the details below to get started using ezAR with Crosswalk.

I've long been a fan of the Crosswalk WebView as a modern alternative to the default Android WebView component. The key benefits of Crosswalk include:

  • Your app can take advantage of modern web standards not supported on older Android devices
  • A predictable consistent web environment across all versions of Android going back to Android 4.0
  • High performance especially on older devices
  • Updatable WebView component
  • Used by Intel's XDK mobile development tool

There is a tradeoff you must accept when you add the Crosswalk WebView to your project.  That is the Crosswalk WebView engine (a Cordova plugin) will increase the size of your project by about 18 Mb. To me, this is an acceptable trade-off for the benefit of being able to use web features not traditionally available on older versions of Android, e.g., service workers.

Getting Started with the Crosswalk WebView

Getting started with the Crosswalk WebView is as simple as adding a plugin to your Cordova, PhoneGap or Ionic project.

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

Visit the Crosswalk project for more details on using Crosswalk in your project.


I want to clarify that the ezAR ver. 0.2.7 Crosswalk support is only for the Android platform. If you visit the Crosswalk project site you'll notice there is support for mobile platforms other than Android. For now the highest priority ezAR demand has been for Android Crosswalk WebView support.

What's Next

For sometime I have had face detection working in the lab. Next week I plan to finish up a few open issues on that work and release it as a new face-detection plugin for Android and iOS. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this cool new capability. Cheers!