Update ver. 0.2.6 Available

The ezAR Startup Kit provides plugins to your Cordova mobile application that enable it to overlay any HTML content on top of a camera view with live video feed. Additional snapshot and flashlight plugins provide the ability to control lighting and capture images of an app's user interface including a video frame image. 
The latest version 0.2.6 of ezAR Startup Kit includes new snapshot plugin enhancements, a new example project and videoOverlay plugin fixes for a couple of Android specific issues. Download.

Example Projects Enhancements

  • Bundled the ezar-compass project. You can read about the project here.
  • Removed manual plugin installation requirement. The config.xml of each example project now includes plugin dependencies that are automatically imported into the project whenever you add a platform to the project, e.g, cordova platform add ios.

Snapshot Plugin Enhancements

  • New option for the snapshot() function. Provide a custom name for your snapshot image when saving it to the device photo gallery (Android only). On an Android device the following example saves a snapshot image to the photo gallery with the title pokemon-go and the filename pokemon-go.jpg.  

                name: 'pokemon-go',
                saveToPhotoGallery: true
  • New options for the saveToPhotoGallery() function. Customize the image quality, scale, name and image encoding (jpg or png).  The name option is only supported on Android.

               name: 'pokemon-go',
               quality: 50,     //reduce image quality 50% of original
               scale: 75,       //scale down to 75% of original
               encoding: ezar.ImageEncoding.PNG

VideoOverlay Fixes

  • Android - Removed overly aggressive use of hardware acceleration that resulted in poor WebView performance in some cases.
  • Android - Removed dependence on Cordova 6 API to retain compatibility with Cordova 5.