Pokemon GO - Simple AR Solution, Massive Success

Image courtesy Pokemon Video Gallery

Image courtesy Pokemon Video Gallery

In a very short time the mobile app, Pokemon GO has become a global mega-hit surpassing Twitter in daily average use. As a new player of the game my experience is limited but I'm impressed. If you're unfamiliar with the Pokemon GO app, it is a mobile game that employs geocaching and augmented reality to guide the user to virtual fictional creature that you capture and score points. 

As an AR developer what struck me is the simplicity and effectiveness of the game's use of augmented reality. I've reviewed a number of augmented reality app ideas from developers interested in using ezAR. In most cases the app idea was overly complex and had unrealistic expectations especially of the technical demands the app would place on your average mobile device. Years ago I adopted advice from Craig McCaw that "simple solutions can solve complex problems. Complex solutions rarely solve anything." 

I believe simplicity is a strategic quality that we should strive for in the design of our solutions, especially where augmented reality is applied. Before you incorporate augmented reality in your product, download the Pokemon GO app and learn how a simple solution can be engaging and fun. 

In my next blog I'll share how to create a simple Pokemon GO style app using HTML and ezAR plugins for Cordova and Ionic Framework.