Update ver. 0.2.5 Available


A new version of ezAR is available.  Download here.

VideoOverlay Plugin Changes

  1. Android - modified strategy for camera resolution selection and UI resizing to reduce letterbox mattes
    (black bars on opposing sides of the UI when camera aspect ratio does not match the display area). This
    change is most noticable when in fullscreen mode, a.k.a., immersive mode.
  2. Fixed error in initializeVideoOverlay(). On older OSes the JavaScript String.startsWith() method is not

Snapshot Plugin Changes

  1. New quality [0-100] and scale [0-100] options property for snapshot(successCB,errorCB,options).
  2. New saveToPhotoGallery(base64ImageData) function. Use this function along with the snapshot function
    to implement a preview-before-save UI for selfies or other images you capture in your app.