ezAR 0.2.0 Update Available

Check out the updated ezAR 0.2.0 released today. This is a major update with new functionality, new Cordova plugins and major fixes. 


  • New Snapshot capability - capture an image of your app's user interface; optionally save the image to device's photo gallery
  • 3 new plugins - the former ezar plugin has been refactored into 3 plugins to improve the usability of the features. The plugins can be mixed and matched based on your app's needs. The 3 plugins are:
    • com.ezartech.ezar.videooverlay
    • com.ezartech.ezar.flashlight
    • com.ezartech.ezar.snapshot
  • Android video aspect ratio FIXED - the Android implementation of the videooverlay plugin (formerly ezar plugin) has been completely rewritten. Video preview should now render with a proper appearance; no more stretched or squished video. The trade-off for maintaining the video preview aspect ratio is that the camera view and the Cordova WebView being resized. 


ezAR will continue to be free for more uses under the original slightly modified "do no evil" MIT license.

Getting Started

Download the ezAR Start Kit here.
See examples on GitHub.
Consult the ezAR developer documentation here.
If you hit a snag and need some help post a note to the ezAR forum.

Best wishes with your project.