Examples - ezAR Compass

While we have provided developer docs there's nothing like having good working examples to use as a guide when learning a new technology. In the process of developing ezAR we have developed several apps to help drive the process. We will be making these projects available over the next few weeks. The first of which is ezAR Compass

ezAR Compass is really simple and I admit not very AR-ish. But you learn the basics of creating the most basic of AR app through it. It overlays a compass heading (center) and a North direction indicator (top right) on a live camera view using the ezAR Cordova plugin. The UI is implemented using HTML, CSS and small amount of JavaScript.  The compass heading is accessed using the Cordova device orientation plugin

Some planned enhancements include incorporating points of interest and directional info. I'm partial to Chipotle tacos. So I might customize it as a Chipotle locator with a heads-up display of their menu. Or maybe an iBeacon locator, e.g., estimote beacons.

The ezAR Compass source code is available in github under our MIT-ish license. You can find it here: https://github.com/ezartech/ezar-compass