Hello World, Great to be here!

ezAR is for developers and in  true developer fashion I kick off the first ezAR post with a classic "hello world" .  ezAR Technologies is open for business. 

What is ezAR?

ezAR is an SDK that enables creating augmented reality effects and experiences using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and hybrid-mobile development  technology.  We provide ezAR as a plugin for the free Apache Cordova SDK.

Progress Report - beta-1 is ready

Our initial development is towards the free ezAR Startup Kit.  Here's a list of the key features the Startup Kit includes:

  • ezAR Cordova plugin available for iOS 8 & 7 and Android 4.2 & greater
  • Camera View - live video stream layer resides below the Cordova WebView
  • Front & back camera selection
  • Start , Stop & Resume for the active camera
  • Automatic focus and exposure
  • Zoom
  • Control device light (torch) on & off
  • Examples and docs

How do I get ezAR?

Visit the downloads page.

What's next?

Stay tuned as we are working to complete several examples such as the compass app shown in the gallery, a picture placement app and an ionic app. Following the examples we have new AR features in the pipeline that we will make available asap. 

This is an exciting time for augmented reality. Here at ezAR Technologies we want to help you deliver on your AR vision.