Thanks for checking us out. We are  a startup with a love for  innovative user experiences using augmented reality technology. We believe anyone with a creative AR idea or vision should have access to easy to use AR technology. Thus we have adopted the most popular development platform, the modern web. Together HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the ezAR SDK on your mobile device are a simple yet "bad ass" combination for creating a wide range of AR experiences.

 IDC estimates there are almost 19 million web developers globally.  With ezAR we want to make augmented reality technology available to all of them. We do this by creating ezAR exclusively for the open-source Cordova (aka PhoneGap) hybrid-mobile platform and by making the ezAR Startup Kit freely available for all to use.   

Why Cordova Hybrid-Mobile

We have been working with the Cordova SDK for many years. If you are unfamiliar with Cordova hybrid-mobile apps, they are mobile apps implemented using HTML5 web technologies and packaged along with an embedded web browser runtime (WebView). Hybrid-mobile apps can be distributed through the respective app stores and run like any other app . The Cordova hybrid-mobile SDK is a free Apache open-source project  that runs on the major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Support & Professional Services

Please use our online forum to ask a ezAR questions or report a bug. 

The Team

ezAR is a development of Wayne Parrott (@wayne_parrott) and associates.