ezAR™ - AR for Web Developers

Use ezAR to create awesome augmented reality experiences using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The range of potential applications is practically endless using ezAR and your mobile device's features, like geolocation and compass. 

How does ezAR work?
ezAR is a software developer kit (SDK) that enables a hybrid-mobile application to analyze and enhance a real-time video feed provided by  the device's camera to serve as the background for  a see-through web UI overlay. Check out the 3-step quick start below to learn  how "ez" it is to begin integrating augmented reality into your app.

Is there a free version of ezAR?
Absolutely! Download the ezAR Startup Kit and fire it up. 

Image courtesy of Susan Murtagh flickr.com/suzi54241 &  Kayla Heineman flickr.com/photos/kaylaheineman/

Image courtesy of Susan Murtagh flickr.com/suzi54241 &  Kayla Heineman flickr.com/photos/kaylaheineman/

ideas: points of interest, games, live product placement, celebrity selfies...


Works with Cordova, 
PhoneGap, Ionic, Sencha, Angular.js, ...

ezAR is designed to work with all Cordova-based (PhoneGap) hybrid-mobile SDKs and popular mobile web compatible technologies such as Ionic and Angular.js. Drop ezAR into your project and augment reality.


Quick Start


ezAR lives up to its name.  Check out how easy it is to get started in 3 steps.


Step-1  Download ezAR and add the ezAR SDK Cordova plugin to your project using the Cordova CLI

cordova plugin add com.ezartech.ezar.videooverlay

Step-2  When the device is ready, initialize ezAR and start a device camera using  the JavaScript api 

  function(){ ezar.getBackCamera().start() }

Step-3 Set the background color of the mobile web UI to transparent

<body style="background-color: transparent"> 

Simple huh! See the online documentation for more features and options.


Need help? We're here!

Hit a snag developing with ezAR?  Use the free ezAR forum to  get help.  Don't want to go it alone? Contact us at info@ezartech.com to learn more about our professional services.